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Needle Roller bearings
Needle roller bearings have relatively smaller diameter cylindrical rolling elements whose length is much larger that their diameter.
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Compared with other types of rolling bearings, needle roller bearings have a small cross-sectional height and significant load-bearing capacity and rigidity relative to their volume. Also, because the inertial force action on them is limited, they are ideal choice for oscillating motion. Needle roller bearings contribute to compact light weight machine designs. They serve also as a ready replacement for sliding bearings.
TPI offers two types of needle roller bearings commonly used in motorcycle industry: needle roller and cage assembly and drawn-cup needle roller bearing
Needle roller and cage assembly is the most commonly used needle roller bearings. It comprises needle rollers and a cage to support the rollers. It is used typically for connecting rods in reciprocating compressors and small- and mid-sized internal combustion engines such as those for motorcycles. This assembly features such a cage that is specifically optimized for severe operating conditions involving high impact loads, complicated motions, high speed revolution and/or high operating temperatures.
The drawn-cup needle roller bearing is composed of an outer ring drawn from special thin steel plate by precision deep drawing, needle rollers, and a cage assembled in the outer ring after the hardened raceway surface. This bearing is the type of the lowest section height, of the rolling bearings with outer ring, and a best-suited to space-saving design




Needle Roller Bearings




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