Electric motor is the foundation of industrial development in modern society. It is commonly used in all sorts of application in our daily life. Low noise, low vibration and energy-saving are three critical features for a great motor. TPI has been supplying high-quality bearings to motor manufacturers around the world for many years. Having sufficient professional knowledge in this field, TPI was never satisfied. We will never stop doing research and developing in order to meet the latest requirements from our customers. We are confident that we can bring the best and most professional service to our customers in such application.

Application-Servo Motor

A servo motor is designed to manage positioning and speed control. The main feature is precisely control a wide range of rotating speed. Besides rotating at a constant speed, the rotating speed can be changed according to operator’s needs and even rotates steadily at super low speed. Furthermore, clockwise and counter clockwise operation with sudden increase or decrease in rotating speed is also a simple function of servo motor yet a huge challenge for bearings.

  1. With ceramic rolling elements, steady operation and low temperature rise can be meet at the same time.
  2. With unique heat treatment process bearing wear resistance was enhanced.
  3. Unique surface finishing process brings extreme low vibration at high rotating speed.
  4. Insulation bearings designed by TPI prevent our customers from bearing electrical pitting by using ceramic balls, special grease or special coating on the outer ring.

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