Advantages of Insulated Ball Bearings
Insulated bearing with a layer of PPS insulating resin material coating on the width and the outer ring has the characteristics such as anti-corrosion, high reliability, cost-effective and can mainly be applied to PWM controlled motor.
Causes of Bearing Rust and Countermeasures
Proper maintenance and handling of bearings are essential, directly affecting their longevity and performance. For bearings, corrosion is an often undetected and natural enemy.
Deformation by Impact Causes and Countermeasures
  • How:

    1. If an impact force was applied to the bearing, certain indentations will occur and bearing noise shall be observed accordingly.
Four TPI Core Technologies in Bicycle Application
TPI bearings are well-known and widely used in bicycle industry. For example, the hubs and wheelsets of Rio 2016 Olympic championship bicycle was supplied by a Swiss high-end bicycle component manufacturer who has long term cooperation with TPI. 
T1, T2, T3 Cage Testing and Analysis

Characteristics of three types of cages as shown in Table 1. below...

SUJ2, 2A, UL Bearing Material Testing and Analysis

SUJ2 is the standard bearing steel while 2A and UL represent SUJ2 treated with carbonitriding and ultra-clean process separately.

Bearing failure causes statistics
Based on years of bearing design and manufacturing experience, TPI is able to analyze the causes of bearing damage and failure. In previous technical paragraphs, effective solutions for different types of bearing failure were provided.
Ball Bearings for Bike Wheel Hubs
All ceramic ball bearing (S series) was an entirely successful solution for bike wheel hubs when TPI first issued in 2020. It, all ceramic ball bearing (S series), has both extraordinary material properties and bearing performance in our factory examination and on the field.
Deformation by Misassembling Causes and Countermeasures
  • How:

    1. Incorrect mounting method and mounting tool defect may lead to an overload force between bearing rings and rolling elements.
Relation Among Bearing Preload, Rigidity and Bearing Life

1.      Background

Most customers would like to know the expected rigidity and bearing life before finally choosing TPI bearings. For such circumstances, TPI provides a unique application to evaluate customer' s needs.

Endurance Running-in Test (Duration, Condition, Performance)

1.      Temperature Rise Test

Bearing TypeHS014CE1

Bearing ArrangementDTBT (<< >>)

Rotating Speed10000 RPM

ResultTPI bearings had lower temperature rise rather than the other competitors.

Precision Bearings Application Case Study (2)

1.      Background

Bearing Type7017AD/7015C

Bearing ArrangementDBT/DB (<>> / <>)

Rotating Speed5000 RPM

PhenomenonNoise was found at 4000RPM during running-in test.



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