• How:

    1. Solid contaminants can be introduced into a bearing via the seals or lubricant. After constant rotation, particles will be pressed into raceways and causes indentation.
  • Possible source of particles:

    1. Dust and metal debris exist in bearing assembly or operating environment.
  • Indentations resulting from particles:

    Indentations by soft metal debris

    proimages/Engineering/blog/soft_debris1.jpg proimages/Engineering/blog/soft_debris2.jpg

    Indentations by hardened steel debris

    proimages/Engineering/blog/hardened_debris1.jpg proimages/Engineering/blog/hardened_debris2.jpg proimages/Engineering/blog/hardened_debris3.jpg
  • Example of SEM/EDS elemental analysis:

  • Countermeasures:

    1. 1. Improve the cleanliness of entire environment to reduce the possibility of particle intrusion.
    2. 2. Use adequate sealing to protect the bearing.

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