1.      Background

        Bearing Type7008C/7006C

        Spindle TypeSpindle of honing machine

        Bearing ArrangementDB/DB (<> / <>)

        Rotating Speed6000 RPM

        PhenomenonTemp. rise became over high during running-in test in factory.


2.          Investigation and Research


Directly operated the spindle at 6000RPM after bearing replacement

7008C side temp. rise went up to 18, as shown in fig. 1.


Fig. 1 7008C side temp. rise



Increase the rotating speed by stages till 6000RPM

7008C side temp. rise was lowered to 4℃, as shown in fig 2.


Fig. 2 7008C side temp. rise


3.          Conclusion

Operating spindles with newly replaced bearings may encounter abnormal temp. rise

phenomenon. Increasing the rotating speed by stages can spread out the grease within

bearing and increase bearing life.


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