Automotive industry has been developing more than a century. TPI is participating in history and supplying reliable products to fulfill customers’ demands. In order to comply with demands from customers, TPI invests a fortune in R&D and manufacturing process improvement. TPI is more than a bearing supplier since our strong ability in research and development has been helping our customers in product optimization. Recently, awareness of environmentally-friendly has been raising. A revolution of the way we drive cars is taking place, and TPI will be sure offering the best solutions as we always have been.

Application-Automotive alternator

Based on modern automotive alternator design, service life and loading capacity become even more important. Additional conditions included the ability to withstand certain measured vibration levels, high ambient temperature and under wet contamination conditions, etc.

  1. Super-low torque design results in less temperature rises after long operation.
  2. Ultra clean steel as material brings long bearing life and results in high reliability.

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