TPI assists customers to select the right bearings for either two or three wheelers applications. In addition, various kinds of tests can be conducted depends on customers' requirements. TPI is more than willing to satisfy OEMs and distributors for their needs, including longer service life, higher reliability, compliance with IATF 16949 and any other special designs for different kinds of specification. Resistance of contamination, low rotating torque, low transmission loss and low vibration are some basic yet essential criteria for two-wheelers, TPI is capable of providing these solutions and even more.


Taiwan is an important country of motorcycle manufacturing which happen to has a huge amount of motorcycle usage domestically as well. A complete supply chain from the simplest component to the final assembly product can be done in this place. Having years of manufacturing experience and feedback from customers; we will offer the best solutions to any problems encountered.

  1. TPI provides the advanced design of LU seals, so that the contamination is effectively prevented. The special design of both cages and seals reduce the rotating torque and customized clearance makes it easier during mounting and dismounting.
  2. TPI support our customers with professional technical knowledge to help customers choose the correct bearings.
  3. TPI offers CSB series bearings to meet the requirements of long bearing life and harsh environment.

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