2024 Taiwan International Machine Tool Show
TPI Bearings will participate in TMTS 2024 (Taiwan International Machine Tool Show) from Mar 27 to 31th. We will be pleased to see your presence at the exhibition!
2021 Taiwan Excellence Combined Ceramic Bearings

TPI first introduced Hybrid Bearings for bicycle hubs several years ago. They were assembled in hubs and wheels for track bikes.

TPI sponsorship of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre performances over the years.
TPI sponsors Cloud Gate's annual performances: "Lunar Halo", "Legacy", " 13Tongues", " Si. Mi chiamano Mimi-PUCCINI Gala"...
TPI Annual Coastal Cleanup
TPI collaborates with the Society of Wilderness to host an international beach cleanup event.
Sponsor of Taiwan Social Service Concerning Association
TPI sponsors the Taiwan Social Service Concerning Association to hold the "Addiction Insulator" children and youth drug abuse prevention advocacy stage drama project.
TPI  joined National Mask Team

With the rampage of COVID-19 in 2020, the world’s five major continents have lost ground to the pandemic and the global economy has been hit hard. Relying on the integrity of its own supply chain, Taiwan’s machinery industry has effectively reduced the degree of the impact.


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