Human being is making progress in life quality. Home appliances require the features of tranquil, energy-saving and environmentally friendly while remaining the fundamental functions. In indoor operations, appliances’ design especially requires tranquility. As a result, minimizing the noise and vibration is the main idea while designing bearings in this application. Optimizing seal design and appropriate grease selection are the key points to reduce bearing wear and this improves the energy consumption issue. With years of manufacturing experience and developing capability, TPI is dedicated to bring a better life for every man kind and consistently contributes to the industries.

Application -Air Conditioner

We found that combination of the noise from compressor and blowing machine operation causes a window type air conditioner nearly impossible to work in silence. We come up with an idea to have a single split to air conditioner, dividing it into indoor unit and outdoor unit. Now that compressor becomes outdoor unit to isolate noise while blowing machine using super silent ball bearings to reduce noise. As a result, noise has been significantly reduced and the requirement of silence was achieved.

  1. Patented bearing manufacturing techniques successfully and significantly reduce bearing operating noise.
  2. Unique design improves the bearing operating stability.

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