Cross roller bearing for the strainwave drive is structured by a two-pieces outer ring and one-piece inner ring with full roller in the raceways. The rollers are in linear contact with the 90° V groove raceways. The elastic deformation caused by the load is extremely small, so a single cross roller bearing can bear loads in all directions such as axial load, radial load and even moment. At the same time, the two-piece structure of outer ring is fixed together by bolts to avoid separation during installation or transportation and the operation is rather simple.

Cross roller bearing for the strainwave drive is composed of inner ring, outer ring, roller, seal and O- ring. The inner and outer rings have mounting holes on it and do not require fixed flanges nor supports and it is easy to install. This kind of bearings have high rigidity, high rotation precision and high capacity of combined loads. Hence, they are most suitable for applications of strainwave drive in industrial robot arms.


Under combined loads or shock loads, interference fits shall be avoided to make sure the rotating precision and rigidity when CC0 clearance was selected. Otherwise, the bearing will be over preload.


All cross roller bearings are sealed with high- quality lithium soap based grease before shipment. Customer can install directly after unwrapping. However, compared with general ball bearings, the internal space capacity is less and the linear contact operation is much stricter, so regular grease refill is required.


TPI cross roller bearings are fixed by special rivets and bolts on the two-pieces outer ring, and cannot be separated after assembled. Once disassembled and wrongly reassemble again, will have a huge impact on the rotating performance.


The designation indicates the form, size, precision, internal structure, etc. of the bearing, and it's shown as below:


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