• Solar Power Generation System

    TPI plant solar power generator have been working. Although the electricity generated is little when compared to the electricity required for the whole plant's operation, it is TPI's starting point for the development of renewable energy.

  • Grinding Debris Curing Systems

    Grinding fluid recycled and reused 100,000kg/year.

  • TPI Dormitory Solar Powered Hot Water System

    Collect the sun's heat and convert cold water to hot water, using a set of U-shaped heat pipe vacuum collector with 12 tubes. Currently the dormitory uses 36 sets.

  • Heat-Treatment Quenching Oil's Waste Heat ORC System

    TPI’s 20kW Quenching Oil’s Waste Heat ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) System in Zhongli Plant is officially operated on December 30, 2014. This system is mainly based on the project of Bureau of Energy – “Low-Temperature Thermoelectric System and Waste Heat Harvesting Technology”. Screw-expander ORC technology is used from this project, to generate electricity from quenching process in heat treatment. This not only increases energy efficiency but also reduces the cost and greenhouse gas emission. It is expected to generate 182 MWh/year and to reduce 113 metric tons of carbon that builds the positive image of social welfare and environmental protection for TPI.


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