Taiwan has an important position in IT industry which is irreplaceable by having a complete supply chain and shipping the OEM product around the world. These includes computers, laptops, and mobile phones. These products bring considerable revenue every year and TPI has been part of this information technology industry by supplying FDB.

Application-High-end Tablet

FDB has been using in product of high-end tablet for cooling fan application. Using one FDB for fan cooling system not only achieves the same performance but also saves much space than using two deep groove ball bearings. In addition, performance and reliability become better and even the noise is much lower than the fan system with sleeve bearings.

  1. The core of FDB design is the grooves within inner side of the bearing which forms a stronger pressure field and rigidity to make sure the fan rotates stably.
  2. FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing, FDB) using differential of fluid flowing speed between the grooves and the fan shaft to generates a pressure field and makes the shaft rotates steadily without contacting the bearing.

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