Requirement of industrial products has been developing toward features as miniaturized and high precision over the years. Accordingly, machine tools have been optimized and improved to meet such requirement. Under the intense global competitions, product quality and production efficiency become more and more important for machine tools. Besides that, maintenance fee and total cost can’t be ignored as well. Taiwan has been a key character in the world machine tool supply chain, just like TPI has become irreplaceable to our valuable customers in this industry for years.


Spindles are the core component in machine tools. According to machining process, spindles can be applied to lathe, milling, drilling, grinding machines, etc. Equipped with multi-axis controller complex machining shapes can be done. Recently, machine tools have been highly developed in high speed machining. A high speed CNC machine shall be capable of 60m/min feed rate, vibration within 1 G and with spindles rotate at 20000 rpm.

  1. Well-developed 79, 70, HS, 72, 73 and NN series to meet wide range of demands from customers.
  2. P4 grade precision and flush ground design for all series to meet all kinds of bearing arrangement requests.
  3. Optimizing inner design of the bearings, lower the temperature rises and increase the limiting speeds by 10%.
  4. HS series with T3 cage, mixed guided, and medium size rolling elements in order to meet the requirements of speed and rigidity.
Application-Ball Screw Support

Ball screw support replaced the traditional sliding movement by rolling movement with steel balls working between nut and screw rod. Beyond that, rolling movement of the steel balls will then be transformed into linear movement. Ball screw support has the features of precise positioning, long life, less pollution, moving forward and backward at high speed. Ball screw support has become a key component in high-precision industry and positioning measurement system.

  1. Ball screw bearings made of UL steel has the bearing life 3 times above the bearings made of standard bearing steel.
  2. With unique heat treatment process bearing wear resistance was enhanced.
  3. Unique surface finishing process brings extreme low vibration at high rotating speed.

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