Best bearings for handheld power tools must overcome the situation of combined loading conditions and high-speed operation while featuring low noise and vibration, and high reliability.
A noisy and vibrating tool causes discomfort to its operator, particularly in a factory or production environments where motion and operations are often repetitive. Furthermore, power tools used in industrial environments exposed to harsh environments with debris and moisture most of the time. In consideration of these application conditions, TPI provides technical support based on experience of cooperation with companies in this industry.


A drill is an iconic gadget when it comes to power tool and drill operators face exact both high vibration and harsh environment while drilling. Since the drilling vibration is basically unavoidable, minimizing the vibration cause by bearings consequently improves the drilling vibration overall. Debris from the drilling work piece can be any forms, e.g. scraps, detritus or the powder kind which has the highest chance to get into the bearings and lead to bearing failure.

  1. High precision and high quality of the material ensure the bearings work in low vibration and low noise level accordingly.
  2. With meticulously designed seal options from TPI, customers need no worries about contaminations getting into the bearings.

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