Fluid dynamic bearings (FDB bearing) are unique bearing types especially designed for computers, communications, and consumer electronics industries. It is commonly used in cooling fans for servers and PCs.
In comparison with standard ball bearings and sleeve bearings used in the past, fluid dynamic bearings have the advantage of lower noise and steadier performance while operating.
Together with the lubricant selected by TPI ball bearings manufacturers, our fluid dynamic bearings achieved better lifetime and vibration resistance over the years.


Oil for the FDB bearing not only requires good performance in lubrication but also requires to provide sufficient and stable dynamic pressure under rotation. Cooperation with the best oil manufacturers in the world allows TPI to suggest and apply the best lubricating solutions of fluid dynamic bearings for customers.


FDB bearing's life expectation is based on the result of high temperature and high humidity test (temperature 80℃, humidity 65%). L10 life factor can then be calculated according to the test data. The environmental temperature of general product manufacturing, which is 60℃ , can then be calculated approximately 100,000hrs.


The designation indicates the form, size, precision, internal structure, etc. of the bearing, and it's shown as below:

Direction of rotation CCW
Bore dimension 15 1.5mm
20  2.0mm
30  3.0mm
Outer diameter dimension 040 4.0mm
080 8.0mm
Height dimension 016 - 105 1.6mm - 10.5mm
Special requirement N Available to rotate in both directions
Oil code LT43

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