Multiple and unique welfare bonuses:

Employees who have served for more than ten years are over 40% of all employee in TPI. More than fifty couples have joined TPI since they were very young and got married and had children. Many employees work together as parents and children in this company. It surely shows that TPI is absolutely a company which grows up stably and really takes good care of employees. On the whole TPI not only offers basic requirements such as the salary which is higher than market price level but also take care of the employees with many welfare bonuses.

  • Bonus

    Mid-Year Bonus / Annual Bonus / New Year Gift Voucher / Birthday Gift Voucher / Moon Festival Gift Voucher / Dragon Boat Festival Gift Voucher / Labor Day Gift Voucher

  • Insurance

    Additional group insurance and accident insurance

  • Others

    2 Free Uniforms Per Year / Improvement Proposal Incentive / Improvement Proposal Incentive / New Employee Orientation; On-Job Training

  • Subsidy

    Marriage Subsidy / Offspring Marriage Subsidy / Child Birth Allowance / Employee Education Subsidy / Offspring Education Subsidy / Hospital Consolation Pension


Employee care and social benefit:

There are multiple clubs and different activities such as hiking and beach cleaning can enrich the employees’ work and life. TPI has been participating the care and public welfare activities of local communities and sponsoring CLOUD GATE DANCE COMPANY and PAPER WIND MILL to make culture and art keep progressing.

  • Special Holidays

    Offspring Engagement ( 1 Day ) / Offspring Marriage ( 3 Day ) / Siblings Marriage ( 2 Day )

  • Recreation

    Traveling allowance ( NTD 7000/year ) / Self-improvement Activity Twice a Year / Company hiking, Once a year

  • Facilities

    Dormitory ( Fee NTD 100/month ) / Entertaining Center ( KTV, table tennis, billiards, GYM, etc. ) / Staff Cafeteria / Free Parking Lot


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