With the rampage of COVID-19 in 2020, the world’s five major continents have lost ground to the pandemic and the global economy has been hit hard. Relying on the integrity of its own supply chain, Taiwan’s machinery industry has effectively reduced the degree of the impact. In the meantime, in response to the out-of-control pandemic and massive global demand for masks, machine tool manufacturers bore a mission to immediately constitute a “National Machine Tool Team for Masks”.

Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association called on nearly 30 member manufacturers to work with Precision Machinery Research and Development Center, Metal Industries Research & Development Centre, and Industrial Technology Research Institute to jointly devote their efforts to supporting mask production and helping the government build 92 mask equipment production lines. As a result, the regular manufacturing period of more than half a year was reduced to 40 days. Early delivery was done, and the difficult task was accomplished. In the course of manufacturing, machine tool manufacturers’ personnel almost worked day and night without any complaint, in order to ensure smooth delivery of the machines. Other than working hard with concerted efforts, the resolution to protect our families and our country turned out to be the driving force for those behind-the-scenes heroes to complete the extremely difficult mission. Many of the behind-the-scenes heroes noted in private that they felt honored to be able to render their prompt assistance in solving the public’s panic over the mask shortage, ease the public’s fear, and care for our people’s health and safety. This time, Taiwan’s machine tool trade aggressively helped the government in epidemic prevention, which set one of the world’s best examples for epidemic prevention.

Tung Pei has devoted its every effort to the pandemic prevention project of the national mask team. It not only honored by President Tsai Ing-wen many times, but locally, Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan also visited in person to express thanks. Chen Cheng, the president of Tung Pei, also expressed his gratitude for the encouragement and support from the city government workforce. He said that this time, Taiwan was strongly united!


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