Characteristics of three types of cages as shown in Table 1. below.

Cage DesignationT1T2T3
Guidance Outer ring guided Rolling element guided Mixed guided / Outer ring guided
Material Phenolic Nylon PEEK
Noise at low RPM ○○○ ○○○
Restriction to rolling element
(lower restriction the better)
○○○ ○○
Max. DmN > 1,600,000 ≈ 900,000 ≈ 1,600,000
○○○:Great  ○○:Acceptable  ○:Weak

Table 1.

Base on the characteristics, TPI has done cage deformation analysis under 15000 rpm as shown in Figure 1, 2, 3.

  • Analysis01-T1

    Figure 1. T1 Cage

  • Analysis01-T2

    Figure 2. T2 Cage

  • Analysis01-T3

    Figure 3. T3 Cage

Conclusion of cage deformation analysis as below,
  1. Outer ring guidance takes advantage in high speed rotation.
  2. As the rotating speed increased, T3 cage has become outer ring guided from mixed guided.
Finally, cage DmN test has been carried out under DmN value 1.6M (18k rpm) with HS014CE1 bearing and test result as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4.

Conclusion of cage investigation after bearing run-in test as below,
  1. Sample with T1 and T3 cage performed as well under DmN value 1.6M.
  2. Scratch between rolling element and ball pocket was found in sample with T2 cage.
  3. Scratch between outer ring and cage was found in sample with T3 cage.

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